Travertine, Marble, & Limestone Cleaning Services

Travertine, Marble, & Limestone Cleaning Services

Travertine, marble, and limestone are luxurious flooring finishes that can be found in many residences and businesses across the Phoenix Valley. They are calcium-based stones that require proper care and maintenance in order to keep looking their best. Whether you’re looking for a basic clean and seal, or honing to remove etch marks and polishing services to bring back their shine, Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist has more than 75 years combined experience in restoring the beauty of natural stone.

Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

It is recommended to have a professional alkaline wash and grout scrub done to your natural stone floor annually, followed by the application of our solvent based penetrating sealer every two to three years. Penetrating sealers soak into the top layer of the stone to clog the pores and help protect against staining.

It’s important to know that penetrating sealers do not protect against acidic spills (vinegar, lemon juice, toilet
bowl cleaner, etc.)

We do not recommend the use of topical sealers (waxes, acrylics, etc.) on these types of natural stone surfaces. Honing and polishing are recommended as needed, based on your lifestyle, and can make your floor many different finishes including matte, semi-gloss, high shine, and high gloss. This is achieved by using diamond polishing pads, compounds, or crystallizers. At Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist we are always more than happy to set up a free in-home consultation to discuss your options and give you an estimate.

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning – Prices

We charge by the square foot, instead of a ‘per room’ rate. Why? Because we believe in transparent pricing. Every room is different, so why tell you it’s going to cost $79/room and then charge you $149 because your room is bigger than a closet. Our experienced team can help determine your estimated flooring square footage in advance over the phone or by email, and provide a general quote. If you book the service, your technician will take formal measurements before starting, ensuring you never pay for more square footage than you actually have.

Indoor Travertine, Marble & Limestone Cleaning

Starting at $0.35 /Sq. Foot*

Our natural stone cleaning method includes a stone-safe alkaline degreasing cleaner, hand scrubbing of grout lines to break up dirt and residue, and a medium pressure/high heat rinse with extraction by our state-of-the-art truck mounted cleaning system.

*Please contact us for exterior pricing.

Penetrating Solvent SealeR

Starting at $0.30 /Sq. Foot*

Our go-to indoor sealer is Tenax Hydrex, which has a large molecular structure that protects the hard-to-seal porous nature of travertine, marble & limestone. It offers superior protection for three to five years against oil and water-based stains. If you have a specific sealer you’d like to use, feel free to call us for pricing information.

*Please contact us for exterior pricing.

Honing – Etching
and Scratch Removal

The honing process removes light scratches, etch marks, and worn areas from natural stone floors. It is a two to four step process, depending on the condition of the stone. The final finish of honing is matte (no shine). Honing can be done on its own, or as the first step in the polishing process. Request an estimate today!

Polishing – Semi-Gloss, High Shine, & High Gloss Finish

Polishing is a process that restores the shine of a natural stone floor or can transform it for a new look. Polishing consists of a four to six step process, depending on the desired final finish. Polishing increases the ‘shine’ level of the stone. Request an estimate today!

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