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Travertine, Marble, & Limestone Cleaning Services

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If you have a custom tile & stone cleaning job that just doesn’t seem to fit with anyone, call Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist at (480) 773-3916 or schedule an estimate online.

The clue is in our name – it’s very subtle, you may not have noticed it! Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist. If you are having trouble finding someone to do a specialist, custom tile and/or stone restoration job, it’s because you’ve been talking to the wrong people!

Perhaps you have an outdoor water feature or large landscaping rocks that need cleaning and sealing? Maybe you have a natural stone fireplace that needs some love? Do you need adhesive removed from tile and/or cement surfaces? We’re also the only company in the valley that can restore Terrazzo.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and our crew has decades of combined tile & stone restoration and cleaning experience across Arizona. We’ve built a team of professional technicians capable of taking on the most challenging, complex jobs. There isn’t much we haven’t seen or done over the years!

Travertine, Marble, & Limestone Cleaning Services

Need a 19,000lb
Granite Ball Cleaned?

It’s unlikely….but that’s the kind of custom work we can do!

In 2022, Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist was chosen to clean and polish Downtown Gilbert’s famous Kugel Fountain at the Water Plaza in the Gilbert Heritage District. The granite ball that weighs 19,000lbs had sat in water since 2008 and was in need of some TLC.

Check out our process to clean and restore this 19,000lb ball.

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If you have a custom tile, stone, or grout cleaning or restoration project, don’t hesitate to call the Specialist! Please call (480) 773-3916 today or contact us to schedule a free estimate.