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Terrazzo, Slate, Flagstone Cleaning

Cleaning & Sealing
Patios & Pavers

Professionally cleaning patios and pavers – especially natural stone and brick – is an important part of your home care regimen because pavers won’t continue to look great without annual cleaning and occasional sealing. Your “flooring” outside needs to be cared for just like your flooring inside! Natural stone and brick pavers are extremely porous, allowing dirt and oils to get down into the stone and slowly discolor and degrade it.

Terrazzo, Slate, Flagstone Cleaning
Travertine, Marble, & Limestone Cleaning Services

Can’t I Just Power Wash
My Patio & Pavers?

Yes and no. Our process differs greatly from what you, as a homeowner, can do on your own, mostly because of our equipment. Our Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist crews use state-of-the-art truck-mounted cleaning units that allow us to fine tune the pressure of the 200-degree water to your specific stone.

This unit also offers extraction, so we are vacuuming the dirt and cleaning solution out of the pores of the stone while we gently work it loose with the water pressure. Using a standard power washer will not only have you using cold water, but the water pressure will also be way too high and will begin to degrade the surface of your stone. Not to mention blast all that dirty water all over your house, landscaping, and into your pool.

Patio Cleaning & Sealing

Our cleaning process is extremely clean and contained. It also properly preps your pavers to accept the sealer. Sealing makes the stone more resistant to future stains and allows for easier cleaning. It can also help to prevent salt damage, acid erosion and algae growth, and to preserve the stone’s natural beauty. Manufacturers recommend to have your outdoor pavers professionally cleaned annually and resealed every three to five years.

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Because outdoor surfaces vary in condition, and there is a wide array of sealers available based on the outdoor flooring product you have as well as the desired look, we offer in-home consultations to discuss your options. Our crews service travertine, limestone, marble, flagstone, cantera, slate, brick, and porcelain/ceramic outdoor flooring all over the valley. Please call (480) 773-3916 today or contact us to schedule an in-home estimate. Alternatively, you can request an estimate online by providing more details.