Why Most Remodeling Contractors Don’t Tell Clients about Tile Restoration

When your tile floors start looking a little worse for wear and professional tile floor cleaning isn’t making a difference, you may think that your only option is to replace the tile. You may call a few contractors to get some quotes, and they will be happy to tell you that they’ll do the job for many thousands of dollars.

Why Most Remodeling Contractors Dont Tell Clients about Tile Restoration Valcon General Contractors

Yet, the easiest option for renewing your floors – tile and grout restoration – is the one you are least likely to hear about from a home remodeling contractor in Phoenix. Here’s why:

Cost Considerations

Many contractors use a cost-plus model for providing an estimate. That means that they calculate the cost of materials and tack on the profit they want to make. A new tile project is much easier for them to price and to make a nice profit.

Restoring tile is usually outside the realm of expertise for most contractors, who are in the business of building, not cleaning and restoring. It is also a bit more tricky to price restoration services, and the markup will not be as high.

Remodel Appeal

In most cases, it sounds a lot more exciting to get a whole new kitchen than it does to repair the floors or backsplash that you have and to keep on with the same old, same old. Think about it: What sounds more appealing to you? A new car, or your old car repainted and detailed? There’s just an air of excitement around getting something new that you can’t beat.

But that doesn’t mean that getting something new is always the best choice. To begin with, you will spend significantly more money replacing your tile floors (or most other things) more than you repairing them, cleaning them, or refreshing their appearance. You may find that once your tile floors look like new again, they will seem to actually be new. You may be just as excited about your floors once they are restored as you would be if you got new tile.

Lack of Confidence

Some home remodeling contractors near Mesa may be hesitant to bring up the possibility of tile floor restoration because they know that many homeowners do not know the level to which the material can be restored. Many have doubts that their seriously discolored and stained tile can be cleaned, let alone revived to look like new. They often feel that the best way to deal with the problem is just to start fresh.

Fortunately, homeowners are not the experts on what is best for their homes. Only the professionals can evaluate the floor and say what will be possible to restore it. That could include extensive tile and grout cleaning, chip or crack repair, replacement of individual tiles, repaint portions of the tile or grout, or applying a sealant or gloss. The exact process will depend on what kind of tile it is, how stained or damaged it is, and whether any safety issues are present.

Is Tile Restoration Right for You?

Does your bathroom seem darker and dirtier than you remember it to be? Do you wash your kitchen floors each week but just can’t seem to get them clean? Or do you just feel like something is off when you look at your tile floors or walls? You might need to invest in tile floor restoration.

The best way to know for sure what PHX tile floor restoration can accomplish for you is to call the professionals to inspect your home or office space and make tailored recommendations. Arizona Tile and Stone Specialist provides tile and grout cleaning in Phoenix, as well as tile and grout restoration. You may be surprised at what restoration can do for your home or business!

If getting new tile floors or walls really is the best option, contact a Phoenix home remodeling contractor like Valcon General in Arizona. Our expert Phoenix remodeling contractors can transform your kitchen or bathroom – or any other room in your home that has tile, or in which you would like to add tile. We price our services fairly, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality results. Contact us in Phoenix to discuss your vision for your home and to get an estimate for your project.

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