Kitchen and Bathroom Restoration Options that Can Save You Money

Your kitchen and bathroom are some of the most important areas in your home. They are the areas that prospective buyers scrutinize the most closely, and they are the areas where your family and guests will spend the most time. Whether you are planning to sell your home anytime soon or not, you want to make sure that your kitchen and bathroom look their best.

Kitchen and Bathroom Restoration Options that Can Save You Money

Major remodeling work is out of budget for most of us, but if your kitchen or bathroom need a refresh, there are ways to restore their look without spending much money. Here are a few ideas:

Restore the Tile and Grout

Restoring your kitchen and bathroom tile and groutRegular Phoenix tile and grout cleaning will keep your floors and countertops looking good. But if you have been negligent, or if you have been using the wrong cleaners, your tile may appear dingy, or your grout may be damaged and stained. The kitchen or bathroom can look much older and more unkempt than it is because of this dull, dirty tile and grout.

You can hire a professional Phoenix tile floor cleaning company to lift years of dirt off your tile surfaces. These companies specialize in tile restoration cleaning, and they can get out stains that were seemingly set-in, and they can refresh your grout. Your whole kitchen will look brighter with clean tile floors, and your bathroom will seem more inviting when the countertops look crisp and clean.

Paint the Cabinets

All-new cabinets may not be in your budget, but you can get the look of new cabinets just by painting them. Even painting them the same color will brighten them up and make them look new. But you can get a whole new look by painting them a different color, such as by painting your wood cabinets white or painting your white cabinets an olive green.

For maximum effect, you should also replace the hardware on your cabinets, including the knobs, handles, and hinges. Even if the hardware is perfectly fine, replacing it will give the cabinets a more contemporary look.

Replace Door Fronts

Updating your kitchen with new cabinet doors and fixtures Perhaps your cabinets have already been painted one too many times. Or perhaps you don’t like the style. You can make the cabinets look really new by replacing the door and drawer fronts. You can even change the style.

Replacing the door and drawer fronts will still cost quite a bit more than re-paining, but it will cost far less than replacing the cabinets themselves.

Replace Fixtures

Good lighting can make all the difference to any room, but it is especially important in smaller spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Lighting fixtures can also become rusted and dingy in these spaces since they trap a lot of moisture, grease, and soap scum. Simply replacing the lighting fixtures can brighten up the room (literally) and make it seem newer and more inviting.

Try out different lighting fixtures to get the right look. Consider adding lighting, as well. Many older bathrooms and kitchens have only one light, and it is not really enough to brighten the space. You can make the room appear more open and more inviting by adding lighting.

Paint the Appliances

You may want to get all-new stainless-steel appliances, but it may not be in the budget. You can refresh the look of your refrigerator, dishwasher, and even your stove by painting it with specialty paint made for the material. You’ll need to have a steady hand to get good results, or you’ll need to hire a professional.

You can do the same in your bathroom with your sink or your tub.

Getting a new look for your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to mean taking out a home equity loan or getting yourself into massive credit card debt. You can restore these rooms with tasks as simple as professional Arizona tile and grout cleaning or re-painting your cabinets. You’ll love coming home to these renovated spaces, and you’ll increase the value of your home at the same time.

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